Whether it’s dropping calls, making your employees’ voices sound robotic, or it just can’t take your newly growing customer load, one thing’s clear: your business phone system is now getting in your team’s way. It’s making work harder, causing major headaches. Perhaps your employees even poke fun at its reliable unreliability!

None of this is beneficial for worker morale. So what are your next steps?

Why Your Phone Service Isn’t Serving You

Now’s the time to seek employee feedback and gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of the problematic role your telephone system is playing in the day-to-day workload. Different departments might have radically different issues, and all of them deserve attention.

How might things be easier if your telephone system wasn’t an issue?

Figure Out Momentary Workarounds

If the situation is dire, it’s best to help your employees shift gears to mitigate it. Perhaps you can encourage them to do more communication via email or video call if possible, or encourage them to be extra efficient in the calls that they do make. There’s no use putting your workers under stress, because very soon you’re going to upgrade to comprehensive communication services.

Get Comprehensive Communication Services

What’s wrong with your office phone system might not be straightforward. That’s why you need at minimum a provider of both phone system repair and business phone installation services _ the more communication areas the better. These multidisciplinary professionals can pinpoint what exactly your current telephone system is doing to hold you back, and they’ll no doubt be able to fix it.

For example, it might not be phones at all that are bringing your business down, but your cellular service. In this case, a cellular amplification device would be useful, and replacing the phone systems altogether might not fix the problem. Because a versatile communication solution provider is an expert in multiple routes, they’ll easily see which one is the proper one to take.

Central Telephone Has All Your Communication Needs Covered

We’re more than the bare minimum – we’re as comprehensive as you can get. From  on-premise phone systems to cloud phone systems, we repair, upgrade, maintain, install, and relocate them all. Give our Plymouth office a call today at 763-550-2000 if your business phone system isn’t serving you like you deserve.