Whether it's dropping calls, making your employees' voices sound robotic, or simply being unable to handle a growing business's needs, one thing's clear: Your business phone system is getting in your team's way.

A dysfunctional phone system makes work harder and causes major headaches. Perhaps your employees even poke fun at its reliable unreliability. You need something new, because a poorly fitting phone system only holds your business back.

At Central Telephone Sales and Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our team is well-versed in helping local businesses find a suitable phone system for their growing needs, and we can do the same for you!

Keep reading to find out what makes a sound business phone system.

Assess Why Your Phone Service Isn't Serving You

Now's the time to seek employee feedback and gain a more holistic understanding of your telephone system's problematic role in the day-to-day workload. Different departments might have radically different issues which deserve attention.

If your office phone systems offer each department dramatically different results, some less than favorable, your phone system simply isn't working for you. An effective business phone system should work for your business and its evolving needs.

What Do You Know About Business Phone Systems?

So what makes a great business phone system great? That answer depends on your business's needs, goals, and objectives.

There are different types of business phone systems available, so looking into each will help you make an educated choice of which works best for you.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

A cloud-based business phone system can be highly beneficial for a business because very little hardware and maintenance are necessary. This is taken care of via your service provider, who also takes care of any changes or upgrades in your cloud-based phone system.

However, there may be a monthly fee, as you'd see with most utilities, and it varies with the number of users.

The downside is that you do not have complete control over systems upgrades and maintenance, but changes are easy to monitor through your service provider.

Premise-Based Phone Systems

Many businesses today use hybrid telephone systems because they can be configured as a digital, VoIP, or analog system – or add features of all three systems under the same PBX system.

Using this phone system allows your employees to make long-distance phone calls, stay connected via mobile devices, and lean on the peace of mind of lesser maintenance of the VoIP system.

Especially if you plan to expand your business in the future, a premise-based phone system is ideal for scalability and flexibility. You can even transition to digital or VoIP systems if your needs change.

Indoor Cellular Phone Systems

Also known as a distributed antenna system, or DAS, indoor cellular phone systems help combat areas where weak cellular coverage dominates. For example, do your employees experience frequent dropped calls or bad reception? DAS could be the answer.

An indoor cellular phone system ensures that everyone gets a uniform cell signal throughout the building.

Get Comprehensive Communication Services

Once you have a phone system that meets the needs and chases the goals of your business, choosing the right service provider is the natural next step. To get the most out of the life and power of your new phone system, choose comprehensive phone system services that offer installation and long-term maintenance.

These multidisciplinary professionals can pinpoint what your current telephone system is doing to hold you back, and they'll no doubt be able to fix it.

We Have Your Communication Needs Covered

Central Telephone Sales and Service can repair, upgrade, maintain, install, and relocate your business phone system, From on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions.

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