The nature of commercial environments often makes them inherently bad for cell phone service. It can be difficult for smartphones to reach outdoor networks due to factors like building materials, surrounding structures, and your business’s proximity to cell towers. At Central Telephone, we provide cellular enhancement systems for commercial buildings of all types and sizes.

Distributed antenna systems, or DAS for short, can be an amazing productivity enhancer for your company. By strengthening your facility’s cellular service, your employees can enjoy better coverage and make the most of lightning-fast cell service.

As amazing as distributed antenna system companies are, DAS is a specific solution tailored to fix a specific problem. Curious if DAS is right for you? As cellular amplification experts, Central Telephone is here to help!

When Your Cell Coverage Is the Issue, DAS to the Rescue!

Distributed antenna systems strengthen cell coverage. With DAS professionally installed, you will no longer fight with laggy cell phones, meaning everyone in your business will receive solid connectivity after installation – even in potentially spotty areas like parking garages or warehouses.

DAS can be a wonderful route for your business in many situations. Do any of the following apply to you?

You Know It’s Not a Device Issue

Sometimes it’s not the cell coverage itself, but the devices connected to the cell service that are the problems. If you’ve determined with the help of a business phone system expert like us that your cell-network-using phones are all in working order and their apps likewise, it could be time to look into DAS.

Your Devices Only Work in Certain Areas

Take your smartphone around your building and access the same page on the same type of network (4G, 5G, etcetera). How quickly does the page load? If sometimes your connection is laggy or if it fails to operate altogether, your cell service might need a little help from distributed antenna systems.

Your Workers Complain of Connectivity Issues

If your workers bring a problem to you, it’s only right you’d look into a solution. You cannot expect anyone to work efficiently without efficient cell service to back them up, especially if they’re moving around while taking calls.

What if there was an internet outage? Without cell service, work would stall, as the “mobile hotspot” feature on your employees’ smartphones would be out of commision.

Listen to your employees if they’re concerned about cell service, especially if this concern is coming from your own tech department.

Contact Central Telephone for DAS Installs & More

While not all business phone system services and wiring solutions pros are versatile enough to handle the intricacies of DAS, we’re the exception – and it’s an exception we’re proud to be. Send us a message today, or give our Plymouth office a call now at 763-550-2000.