Using an office telephone system used to be fairly straightforward: dial a number, hold the hardware to your ear, and return it to its cradle when you’re done. Way back when, there even were real people accessible at the push of a button to help you make the call you needed. How times have changed!

With smartphones becoming the norm, communication technologies have morphed into something barely recognizable. Indeed, business telephone systems can do things now that phone inventors in the past most likely couldn't even fathom, like accessing messages from an email account.

While the march of progress means great things for productivity, it also can mean it can be harder for teams of all sizes to get to know new telephone systems, which is not a great thing for productivity, to say the least. Workflow can become slow and clunky when using tech is cumbersome. Plus, as a business struggles to adapt to changes in its phone system, it can lose customers and gain a bad reputation in the fray. 

Don’t let that discourage you from upgrading your phone system, though! When you work with Central Telephone of Plymouth for your company phone system, you’ll have access to a comprehensive training opportunity that makes your team’s transition seamless.

Get the Same Personalized Service You’ve Come to Expect From Central Telephone

It’s what we pride ourselves on when it comes to phone system repair and installation, and you can expect the exact same thing when it comes to our training. Customized programs and ongoing support mean that your company will never be without the communication resources it needs to succeed.

Before, during and after: We train for all your needs!

We don’t install things you fear your team won’t know to use, and we don’t disappear after the job is done, either; our role is more extensive than that, and we strive to play that role well.

New employees? No problem. We’ve got you.

We’ll assist with the training process, so you can feel good knowing your new hire is ready to hit the ground running.

Let your workers help themselves with our custom instruction manuals.

After installation, we’ll provide your team with detailed instructional materials for instantaneous help.

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From cloud phone systems to network wiring services, we’re here to handle all of your communication needs. Contact our Plymouth office online, or give us a call today at 763-550-2000.