Relocation: the very word probably brings up stress, especially if it’s related to business phone systems. All those cords or all those wireless headsets – how chaotic it will be setting things up in your new facility! Will things get up and running easily? Will you lose customers to glitches?

There’s so much to think about, but Central Telephone of Plymouth is here to simplify. With countless relocations under our belt as a small business phone systems company, we’ve honed our skills and made the entire operation a single seamless process for our clients. There’s no need to fear business phone relocations if you’ve got us on your side. In fact, we think you should rather look forward to them!

Humor us for a second – we know the thought of phone system relocation is normally spine-chilling – and read on. Below, we’ll discuss why relocation can be the best thing that ever happened to your communications system.

Why Relocation Is Actually a Good Thing

Like we said, with a partnership with Central Telephone, relocation loses its intimidation factor.  Let’s unmask this concept once and for all. So what is there beyond such a cringe-worthy reputation?

Starting fresh

Are you frustrated with your current office phone system? Is that why you originally dreaded taking it along with you to your new location? If this is the case, you’d be smart to use relocation to your advantage.

The team at Central Telephone can create a business phone system that fits your space, resulting in your business’s communication becoming just as seamless as the relocation process would have been. You’re beginning anew by moving to your new space; embrace that fully with a brand new phone system.

Growing your business

Was that old phone system holding your team back? A renovated one in your new location could cut restraints and give your business the tools it needs to compete in the modern day.

Don’t let oldschool communication be the thing that stops your company from moving forward. Take the opportunity relocation gives you and spring forward into better business.

A stress-free future

Are your employees complaining of poor connection or an inability to complete calls with customers? It’s time to end that once and for all. Your workers deserve a stress-free place to do their jobs, especially given everything that 2020 has thrown at them. Grant them that privilege when you relocate with a brand new business telephone system.

Contact Central Telephone Today & Breathe Easy While you Relocate

We’re here to make an anxiety-ridden process into an opportunity to look to the future. Send us a message, or call our Plymouth, Minnesota office at 763-550-2000.