VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a popular, effective means of providing communications to your business. Instead of using existing telephone lines, voice calls, teleconferencing and video traffic takes place through the Internet. Conventional land lines are quickly becoming obsolete for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is expense. Every business will likely have broadband access already, so pushing your communications through the same data network makes perfect sense. It is an expense that is already incurred, so why add another one with a phone line that has much lesser capacity and capability than the Internet?


VoIP eliminates the need to install or maintain existing copper telephony. It also eliminates the land-line phone bill entirely. VoIP can be used for remote applications such as mobile communications, keeping all of your employees connected regardless of where they are. And the added features far outweigh the typical telephone sitting on your desk – unlimited long distance calling, complex voicemail management, voice or video conferencing and a host of other features expected in a business environment. Everything becomes data, and data is what the Internet does. A video conference call, a file transmission, a text to your installer out in the field – they are all the same. As with all Internet Protocols, security encryption is built into the platform, keeping sensitive data from being encroached upon.


Central Telephone Sales and Service specializes in all types of business communication solutions, and among the most popular is VoIP. We can scale the package to fit your business requirements, and upgrade or modify the arrangement at any time it becomes necessary, such as the addition of employees or an expansion of your business. By saving money in the long term, your company can become more profitable and better at staying in touch with employees and markets vital to its continuity.