At any given time, your hotel has a multitude of people in it – a multitude of people who need ways to communicate their stay-related needs. Since fulfilling needs is the name of the game in the hospitality industry, your telephone systems, as the communicative liaisons between you and your guests, are essentially the linchpins of your operation. Without their proper functionality, your hotel becomes a sitting duck.

Of course, though, your business phone systems can’t just work; they need to excel, to help you agiley cater to every client in need – especially in this day and age, when business is harder for your industry than ever. And if your hotel has just simply outgrown its current hospitality phone systems, it’s worse than non-functional. Dropped calls and confusing hardware don’t make for a happy stay, a stay in which guests feel attended to. In fact, with spotty communication capabilities, they might feel quite neglected!

So how do you know if it’s time to get your hands on a bigger and better hotel phone system? Central Telephone, a Plymouth company phone systems expert, spills the secrets below.

Your Hotel is Always Ready for an Upgrade

In a sense, making your communication methods more streamlined and synergizing with the help of Central Telephone is always a good idea. Better communication means the quicker completion of tasks means happier guests, after all; really, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. However, some hotels have more to gain than others. Signs that your current hotel phone system is failing you include

●        Your customers have trouble reaching the correct department. Is it simply confusing for internal clients to reach who they need? Are they accidentally calling the front desk when they really just wanted to set an alarm? Complicated handsets may be to blame. Update to a more seamless variety and cut back on all the time your workers spend directing wayward calls.

●        Your phone bills are sky-high. Affordable options that can handle large numbers of people but provide just the features you need are out there. See if Central Telephone has your perfect money-saving match.

●        You’re not keeping up with the industry standard. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it could be a sign that your hotel is missing key communication features that soup up stays and lead to more business.

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