If you’ve recently sealed the deal on a business phone system upgrade, we at Central Telephone, as business phone service providers, congratulate you. You’re taking your business into a brighter age with an improved communications system that’s ready to handle the growth it will bring you. It’s something to get excited about, sure, and also something to celebrate.

Are you prepared, though, to get the most out of this new telephone system? While any small business phone system tailored to your needs will bring you the aforementioned benefits, knowing what to do before this new system is hooked up can help you both reap those benefits quickly and minimize any unavoidable stress. Just like every company we serve, every system is different. Below we’ll explain how to prepare for a new phone system the right way.

Prep Work for a New Telephone System Need Not be Complicated

Your phone service provider is here to help! Indeed, establishing an open line of communication with that provider and asking them directly about what you should be doing is a great place to begin. No phone company or tech help site knows your logistics and your layout like your phone provider, and with their knowledge of communication systems combined with that, they can make your transition practically stress-free.

Of course, there are actions you can take outside of that, too, that help to accomplish the same goal.

●        Inform your employees of the switch as soon as it’s finalized | This gives them time to mentally prepare for having to learn something new, as well as clear time in their schedules to do so and to store any important files away if needed.

●        Plan training sessions, if applicable | If the upgrade is particularly radical or changes the way that your business does things on a fundamental level, it could prove helpful to host tech training sessions to on-board your entire team either at once or in groups. While setting aside time to train might make you hesitate, it will definitely pay quick dividends, as your team will be able to help one another out with the tech more efficiently and ask burning questions up-front.

●        Become comfortable with the idea of change | Change can be scary for some—especially small businesses with volatile bottom lines—but reminding yourself that you can bounce back after change-related troubles can decrease any anxieties about the impending upgrade.

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