Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS for short, can be an amazing productivity enhancer for your company. By strengthening your facility’s WiFi, your cloud phone system can enjoy better reliability, and your employees can make the most of lightning-fast internet—ever more of a utility in today’s day and age! With DAS Distributed Antenna Systems on your side, you will no longer fight with laggy WiFi, and your workers won’t need to compensate by speeding to deadlines and turning out sloppy and tacked-together work (by no fault of their own, of course).

As amazing as distributed antenna system companies are, though, DAS is a specific solution tailored to fix a specific problem. In other words, while it can do miracles for some businesses, it might only marginally improve the productivity of others. Are you curious if DAS is right for you? Central Telephone, as cellular amplification experts, is here to help.

When Your WiFi’s the Issue, it’s DAS to the Rescue

What distributed antenna systems do is, in layperson’s terms, strengthen your WiFi. This means that everyone in your business will receive solid coverage. If your WiFi or cellular coverage isn’t the problem, then, frankly, DAS isn’t the solution. However, we don’t mean to say this technology isn’t useful! DAS can be a wonderful route for your business if

●        You’ve determined it’s not your business phone system that’s the problem | Sometimes it’s not the WiFi itself, but the devices connected to the WiFi that are the problems. If you’ve determined with the help of a business phone system expert, like us, that your internet-using phones are all in working order, it could be time to look into distributed antenna systems.

●        The same device uses the internet at varying speeds in different locations | Take your laptop around your building and access the same page. How quickly does it load? If sometimes your internet is laggy or if it fails to operate altogether, your WiFi might need a little help from distributed antenna systems.

●        Your employees complain of slowness or aren’t as efficient as they could be | If your workers bring a problem to you, it’s only right you’d look into a solution. You cannot expect anyone to work efficiently without efficient WiFi to back them up; that’d be asking them to do the impossible! Listen to your employees if they’re concerned about the WiFi, especially if this concern is coming from your own tech department.

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