You probably have heard the phrase “waste not, want not.” It’s a cliche for a reason! As a money-savvy small business, you’ve adopted that philosophy by making the most of what you have. However, you’ve probably heard that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This, too, holds true; in many cases, there is a limit to what can be done with current resources, and if your business doesn’t surpass those limits by investing in new infrastructure, you’re destined for stagnation.

Which brings us to your current dilemma: should you opt for a phone system repair or an entirely new small business phone installation? Certainly, you’re all about saving money, but your interest is also piqued by all the cutting-edge features newer office phone systems offer. What route is right for you?

Central Telephone of Plymouth is here to help. As a provider of both business phone repair and new digital phone systems for small businesses, we’ve helped companies all across Minnesota make the right choice when it comes to this all-too-common problem. Read on to receive some guidance, or give us a call for a personalized consultation.

Repair or Replace: Your Business Goals Dictate the Right Answer

What are your business’s growth goals? Certainly, you had at least a vague idea of where you wanted to go before a fussy phone system threw you off-track. Assessing if your phone system, in its functioning state, synergized with these goals is a great way to figure out if it’s working for you.

●        Does your phone system allow your workers to reach their maximum potential? | For example, if your receptionists can only juggle so many calls at once with your current phone system, growth in that department’s efficiency is limited, but a new business phone system might raise or eliminate that limit.

●        Is your phone system easy to use? | Eliminating stress in the workplace is essential these days, given all that’s going on in the world. If your workers are constantly stressed out by an old and clunky phone system, their productivity and morale will suffer. In this case, consider an upgrade.

●        Were you on a steady track for growth before things fell apart? | Perhaps you’ve recently upgraded your phone system, or perhaps growth was happening at a manageable rate with your old one. If things were happening at a nice clip before the problem happened, you might want to consider repair. No need to revolutionize something that’s working wonderfully already!

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