Money’s tight these days. We get it. With the ongoing pandemic and a competitive marketplace in existence in the first place, it’s hard for businesses everywhere to stay afloat. Of course, as a business, you want to do what you can to get ahead of the competition—hence your desire to upgrade your communication systems—but that costs money too, and you might be worried about how your monthly budget could put up with the strain.

Central Telephone, as a provider of small business phone systems and network wiring solutions, is here to tell you not to fret. With a little smart shopping and by selecting the right company to help you along the way, you can experience all the benefits of business phone system additions without the stinging costs.

Central Telephone is Ready to Help Find the Right Upgrade for You

Our Plymouth team strives to maintain an air of understanding and a solution-orientated mindset. We don’t try to sell you the most expensive phone model if it isn’t the one that fits your needs, economical or otherwise. You’re deserving of the great service regardless of what you intend to buy from us, or what you can afford. Stay away from companies who are out to nickel and dime you. Work with Central Telephone and discover how a provider of business phone system services is truly supposed to treat you.

When you’re shopping for the perfect system with us, it helps to keep in mind or ask the following:

●        Expensive isn’t always better | Don’t feel like you’re compromising just because you cannot afford to pay for all the bells and whistles. The perfect phone system isn’t always the one that’s the most pricey, but the one that’s tailored tightly to your needs.

●        Could you make your current phone system work? | We also offer phone system repair for a variety of models. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an upgrade, but if money is a top priority for you, it’s worth your while to consider repair.

●        Consider DAS | These handy systems amplify your cellular signal, making them fantastic for multi-tenant buildings, underground parking garages, warehouse buildings, and any other space that does not have cellular signal inside. DAS takes the signal from an antenna on the outside of your building, typically on the top of the roof. The signal is amplified and distributed to the low or no-signal areas throughout your building.

Contact Central Telephone for Top-Notch Phone Maintenance

Whether you’re in need of a new phone or just some tuning-up of your current system, we’d be happy to help. Give our Plymouth office a call at 763-550-2000.