If your business is still working from home, your company probably has been making smart use of video calls. When they work well, they’re a great way to promote a feeling of togetherness and unity, as well as convey information quickly and efficiently, as they allow for the in-the-moment asking of clarification questions. However, when video calls go wrong, they’re often one of the best ways to give your employees massive headaches! Connectivity problems, audio issues, and blurry visual footage all can mean that these calls become more trouble than they’re worth.

However, because the calls can be so productive from multiple standpoints, companies continue to use them—despite the risks. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your company’s video calls go as smoothly as possible. Below, Central Telephone, a Plymouth vendor of business phone systems, office phone systems, and other communication systems, has some advice.

It’s All About Investing in the Right Communication Solutions

Have you ever heard of cloud phone systems? They’re a remote workers’ best friend. Unlike other telephone models, these systems rely heavily on the internet to make and maintain calls. Your company saves on infrastructure, while your workers enjoy reliable communication service from wherever they are. These systems often come with a unique platform that works alongside your telephone systems, such as Star to Star, that can take care of a variety of communication needs, which can include video calling.

But why use a cloud phone system for video calls, you may ask? There are plenty of free apps available. Why work these services into your business’s telephone package?

●        Communication becomes streamlined | With there being a singular node for all your workers’ communication needs, there’s no need to constantly mind several apps or wonder if your employees are receiving your requests to video chat. Keep it simple with one communication platform and watch productivity increase.

●        Video call training becomes simple | When you’re only using one reliable product for video calls, your employees only need to learn to use that singular product. This drastically cuts down on onboarding times and the frequency of technical difficulties you experience.

●        Your experience becomes reliable | Through great service from technology specifically designed for businesses like yours, you get a communication solution tailored to your needs, not some run-of-the-mill generic solution.

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