Communication is an ever-evolving technology. From distributed antenna systems to cloud phone systems, new and innovative tech can help small businesses maximize efficiency and give workers the capabilities to streamline and enhance their jobs. However, in a time where most technology is migrating to the cloud, there are still many reasons to invest in technology that businesses have relied on for years, such as premise-based phone systems.

What are Premise-Based Phone Systems?

In general, a premise-based phone system is an on-site PBX system that controls all aspects of call management for connected phones. Today, we can configure a traditional PBX to be a digital or hybrid solution.

For a less technical explanation, it describes a phone system where the phones, switch, server, and licensing are either owned or leased by the user.

Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems

So why do some businesses choose to use on-premise phone systems instead of newer cloud-based technology? For starters, many users appreciate the simplicity of more traditional models. If a particular communication method has worked just fine for years and is continuing to work well to serve a business’s needs, there may be no need to change systems.

In addition to ease of use, premise-based phone systems offer many benefits:

●        Infrastructure is owned and managed by the consumer. Certain businesses prefer to be in total control of their phone systems at all times. While hosted communication solutions like VoIP can make life much less stressful for many entities, that isn’t always the case. Some companies appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a phone system managed by their own IT department.

●        Some premise-based phone systems don’t rely on the internet. For areas with spotty coverage, a premise-based phone system might function more reliably than a VoIP (though using a DAS is an option too).

●        Some businesses like us offer tailored premise-based options. If you’re a business looking for the basics in a communication system, a premise-based phone system might work better for you than a VoIP system.

What type of communication technology is best for your business? At Central Telephone, we help companies find the right system based on their needs and business model. While on-premise phone systems have been around for quite some time, an in-house phone system might suit your business better than one that’s hosted in the cloud.

Our Plymouth office handles everything from phone relocations to maintenance of a variety of small business phone systems. No matter how you choose to do things or what communication style you have, we’re ready and willing to help! Give us a call now at 763-550-2000.