In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been deemed “non-essential” and forced to adjust to remote work. Working from home can be tough on employees in any industry. Some workers may be unaccustomed to getting things done with distractions surrounding them, but many others struggle to focus on the task at hand if they’re not in an office setting. It’s a tough transition for anybody, but having the proper technology can make things a whole lot easier.

Now is the perfect time to reassess the communication needs for your business. How have things changed now that your workers are physically decentralized? Has your small business phone system been pulling its own weight? Even when your workers are out of the office, the right company phone system can streamline communications, increase efficiency, and effectively shift gears from remote work to work on campus when the time comes.

Curious as to how an innovative digital business phone system can make working from home easy? Central Telephone, a provider, installer, and maintenance company for all sorts of office phone systems, weighs in below.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems are a Remote Worker’s Dream

cloud-based phone system is one that is hosted remotely by a third party. You receive your phone service through a unique program that uses the internet to function. It’s phone service without the heavy physical infrastructure and giant installation costs.

Simplifying your communication methods through a cloud-based phone system and its corresponding programming can make life much easier for your remote workers, or those who leave the office frequently.

●        Cloud-based phone systems use the internet to make calls. This means that if there’s Wi-Fi or LTE, your workers can stay connected, no matter where they are or what time it is. This enables an easy and seamless transition between working environments.

●        Cloud-based phone systems can store a variety of information in one place. When you work from home, you can’t just walk across the office to ask a coworker about a client’s call history, for example. Cloud-based phone systems can enable this and similar types of information to be stored in one place, which ensures everyone is on the same page.

●        Cloud-based phone systems can allow for team communication efforts. Through various digital communication opportunities, cloud-based phone systems keep your team close even when they’re miles apart.

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