Looking at business phone systems as a business owner can be a daunting task. You might know what you’re looking for in your business telephone system, but all the jargon and possible features make your head spin. On the flip side, you might have researched so much into these technical terms and features that you’re overwhelmed with options, unable to decide what to prioritize. Regardless of your situation, Central Telephone of Plymouth is here to help. As an expert in company phone systems, our solution-focused business works hard to provide you with the perfect telephone system for your individual needs. With our top-notch communication skills, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page about what those needs are.

As helpful as a consultation with us is, we also know that many of our clients want to walk into that consultation with a basic understanding of business phone systems and what option they intend to pursue. We believe a little research and education never hurt anyone! Below, that’s why we provide a brief rundown of two types of phone systems we offer: premise-based and VoIP. We’ll also offer our opinion on what type might be better for your business, although a personal consultation is the only way to fully examine your individual situation.

Premise-Based or VoIP: Which Could be Right For Me?

Both systems allow for voice calls, but the manner in which they do so differs. VoIP phone systems use the internet to make voice calls possible, while on-premise phone systems rely on a complex network of wires to do so. Both systems have their inherent benefits and limitations, but which could be right for you?

●        VoIP Could be a better fit if you’re installing a brand new phone system | As a general rule, VoIP systems are quicker and easier to install, and the comparative lack of physical equipment you need to buy to get one running makes them more economical to set up.

●        Premise-based systems are useful if you just need a basic phone system, without the bells and whistles | As intuitive as VoIP phone systems can be, we do understand that some of our customers would rather stick with what they know. If you’re one of these customers who appreciates familiarity, you might find a premise-based phone system is to your liking.

●        Both phone systems could be a fit for those looking to improve their communication system | When Central Telephone installs either a premise-based or VoIP phone system, you can rest easy knowing that your communications will henceforth proceed in a much more streamlined fashion than before.

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