Spotty Wi-Fi can be the bane of many businesses’ existence. For one, some company phone systems—VoIP models included—can only function at their best with a reliable internet connection. E-mail and other forms of communication, too, can become massive headaches to use if they only work intermittently. When your business is ever effectively shut off from the outside world due to poor internet connection, getting anything done becomes nearly impossible.

Central Telephone is here to help fix this problem—and to stop it from ever happening again. Despite what our name suggests, in addition to business phone systems, we’re also experts in fixing Wi-Fi connection problems with the help of one key device: the Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, for short.

Could this be the solution to your business’s Wi-Fi woes? While a consultation with us is the only way to be 100% sure, as a distributed antenna system company, we’d be thrilled to provide you with some information on the product. Read on to find out more.

Distributed Antenna Systems and Their Applications

We’ve got a whole webpage set up on DAS systems, If you’re looking for an in-depth discussion of this revolutionary technology, here’s a link! For introductory purposes, though, distributed antenna systems essentially, through a series of antennas, pick up your existing coverage and amplify it, which eliminates spotty Wi-Fi for good.

Your facility might be a good fit for this technology if:

●        You have pre-existing coverage | Distributed antenna systems can improve your Wi-Fi coverage, but they do not provide that coverage themselves. If you’re looking to install Wi-Fi in the first place, DAS is not for you.

●        Your Wi-Fi is easily overwhelmed with users | If you have a lot of workers in your facility, sometimes this can overwhelm your network,  which results in slow and inefficient speeds. If you need quicker Wi-Fi for a larger amount of people, investing in a distributed antenna system could be the solution.

●        Your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough to cover your whole facility | Certain architectural features can prevent signals from reaching all of your users. If this is the case, a strategically-installed distributed antenna system could help you get the most out of the service you pay for and rightfully deserve.

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