When it comes to small business phone systems and cloud-based phone systems, there’s a lot of industry jargon to learn about and understand. VoIP, premise-based, wireless, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, there are plenty of terms used to describe these systems themselves that meeting with a business phone installation company can feel like trying to communicate with someone who speaks a different language!

You’ll never feel this way when meeting with Central Telephone. Our client-focused, solutions-oriented approach ensures that our customers never feel lost during consultations, and we’re always around to answer any of your questions regarding our communication systems. We understand that not everyone is an expert in cloud-based installation. After all, that’s why our company exists.

That being said, it never hurts to educate yourself before your first consultation with any small business phone installation company, especially when it comes to industry-specific terminology. Below, for the sake of our clients, we’ll define and give context to a quite frequently used word in the communication systems field: Scalability.

Scalability: What It Is and Why it Matters

You may have heard the term “scale model” before, and you probably know it refers to a miniature version of a larger object. While scalability doesn’t necessarily have to do with miniaturization in the communications industry, it certainly refers to size. Scalability, when it comes to telephones, refers to a given system’s ability to grow and move with your business. It encompasses how easy it is to add additional units to your communication systems, as well as how simple it would be to relocate that system and change its infrastructure.

When you’re looking for a new phone system, its degree of scalability matters because:

●        It tells you a lot about what kind of business might benefit from that system | A fast-growing business might require high scalability, whereas a more stationary one might not.

●        It helps you prioritize and define your business’s communication needs | Asking yourself where you fall when it comes to scalability might reveal surprising answers about what you need in a small business phone system in order for your facility to flourish.

●        It allows you to make a more informed decision about what phone system you might need | For example, VoIP phone systems, in particular, are known for their scalability.

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