In the modern era, technology is becoming more innovative and multipurpose than ever before. When viewed alongside the fact that the field is growing and changing at a rapid pace, it can mean that small businesses often feel left in the dust. With a comparative lack of funds and manpower in relation to larger corporations, it can sometimes feel impossible to catch a break or to keep up with the quick and efficient way these entities do business, which then pleases your customers.

As a provider of small business phone systems and network wiring solutions, Central Telephone is here to help. Our cloud-based phone systems can bring your small business into the modern world, which gives you the leg-up you need when it comes to communication. Below, we’ll explain exactly how and why.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems: Making Communication Intuitive and Simple

Perhaps you’ve heard of “the cloud.” It’s a term used quite frequently in today’s communication industry. In plain terms, cloud-based management of any given system is when that system’s functions and upkeep are primarily accessed over the Internet, instead of via a physical infrastructure. Cloud-based phone systems are unique amongst other phone systems in that they use your internet connection to make calls instead of the physical wiring solutions that premise-based small business phone systems use.

Just how, though, can this innovative functionality give your small business an edge?

●        Cloud-based phone systems can help cut your communication costs | Depending on the exact phone system you invest in and your business’s needs, cloud-based phone systems can be the cheaper way to go. Because remote maintenance in some cases is possible over the Internet, and because of their high degree of scalability, you could save on repair and relocation costs. This can allow you to invest these much-needed funds in other places, and when it comes to small businesses, more cash to go around is always a plus.

●        Cloud-based phone systems feature innovative and customer-focused functionalities | Our phone systems allow for anything from Bluetooth support to call recording to touch-screen based operating systems. With efficiency-boosting communication infrastructure, your business’s profits can soar.

●        Cloud-based phone systems are easy to maintain | Again, as remote patience is a possibility for many of our phone systems, your small business won’t need to call a repairman for every single repair need, which saves you time and money. Plus, we monitor some of our phone systems remotely and squash problems before they start.

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