When you are ready to outfit your new or existing business with a professional-grade phone system, there are several things you must consider before making your purchase:

1. Do you need a complete phone system that includes physical phone hardware, or would your business operate within a virtual phone solution that employs smartphones instead of traditional, on-the-desk telephone hardware? Either option can provide a robust set of communications capabilities, so it is a matter of considering ‘how’ will the system be used (in-office, on the road, combination of both, etc), and ‘who’ will be using it (service technicians, office staff, management, etc).

2. If you determine that there is a need for office telephones, you must next ask what type of service would be preferred. You can select between a traditional landline telephone services provided by a local or regional phone company, or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which utilizes the Internet for communications.

3. Within the realm of physical telephone equipment, there exist a number of performance options. We can help you decide which features would be of greatest benefit to your organization. We offer basic office phone systems, as well as complete, large-scale communications solutions for large companies.

3. If VoIP seems to be a better fit, there are a number of possibilities as you drill down into the details. VoIP can be self-hosted, or based at your business location, or can be cloud-based, meaning it is hosted by your service provider.

Central Telephone Sales and Service will listen to your question and provide you with tangible answers and recommendations for any business communication requirements you may have. We have the expertise and the experience to provide, install and maintain a reliable system that addresses all of your company’s communication needs.