With the rapid rise of technology in recent years, it’s no wonder that young people use it a little differently than those in older age groups. After all, when one grows up in an ever-changing technological realm, you can learn to be adaptive and to use new technology in an innovative and intuitive fashion.


As rapidly changing as the world’s technologies are, though, cloud-based phone systems and small business phone systems remain integral parts of many companies’ business approaches, as well as integral parts of connecting with their younger customers. However, because these young people have grown up in a different era from parts of the working world which they have recently joined, they tend to expect a unique type of service when they speak to businesses over the phone. Below, Central Telephone, a Plymouth provider of wiring solutions and business phone installation services, will explain the type of phone-based conduct young people appreciate.

Keep Young Customers Engaged with Cutting-Edge Phone Systems

Anyone who has spent any amount of time around a young person knows their appreciation for instantaneous communication. We need not go into how integral smartphones are to every aspect of younger generations’ lives. They’ve permeated everything from the dating scene to the job market.


While young people will still call small businesses directly, they expect the service they receive over the phone to be as quick, efficient, and hassle-free as texting can be. As a small business, you can facilitate this by:


●        Investing in an upgrade for your small business phone system | Features such as call forwarding allow your small business to nimbly transfer customers from one employee to the next, which is useful in maintaining efficiency and appeal to younger customers. The intuitive interfaces of Central Telephone’s VoIP phone systems can also make it easy for your employees to quickly provide service.

●        Training your employees well on how to use the phone | While everyone is human, and there’s a learning curve with any phone system, prolonged slow or clumsy phone service can be a shortcut to losing all types of customers, not just younger ones.

●        Keeping your phone system well-maintained | Nobody likes randomly being dropped from a phone call, which includes young customers. Keep in contact with your phone maintenance service and consider swapping to remote maintenance, if applicable, to stop problems before they start.


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