New year, new building? If your business has decided to move house in the year 2020, that’s great! The move can be chaotic at first, but it most likely will be financially worth it in the long run. If you’ve had a facility specially built for your company, you can also look forward to possible increases in employee satisfaction and productivity that come from the optimization of space to fit their needs. In other words, be excited!


However, that excitement shouldn’t overshadow problems that the move can create in the present. Keeping customers coming into your business can be hard during a move, especially on the communications front. How can you let everyone know what’s going on and keep things running smoothly? Central Telephone, a Plymouth provider of wiring solutions and business phone installation, has the answers below.

Get the Message Out on as Many Mediums as You Can

Take it from a provider of cloud-based installation services and network wiring solutions: distributing the message that you’re moving in as many forms as you can is the best way to both earn customer patience and to keep those customers coming, despite any resulting chaos that comes with the move.


●        Update everything from your company’s website to your small business phone system’s voicemail | Make a list of all the ways your company communicates with your customers—even passive forms, like your website. Each one of these forms should let potential clients know that your business will be going through a move and ask them to be patient. It should also let them know where to find you. This information should be posted as soon as you secure a moving date, as this gives the message the time it needs to reach as many people as it can.

●        Ask your business phone installation company for help | As soon as you’ve settled into your new facilities, you’ll probably want to get your phones up and running ASAP. Therefore, a reputable business phone installation company is essential! At Central Telephone, we’d be happy to help your company through its big move in any way we can. After all, we’re communication experts

●        Move smart | Don’t try to get everything done when it comes to moving over the workweek. You’ll be busy enough running around as it is! Try to pick a calm weekend during a month where there are no holidays or other events to deal with. Your stress levels will be considerably lower.

Communication Questions? Central Telephone is Here to Help

Our Twin Cities location would be thrilled to lend a hand with your phone system during your move. Give us a call today at 763-550-2000.