If your business has decided to move house, get excited! If you’ve had a facility specially built for your company, you can look forward to possible increases in employee satisfaction and productivity that come from the optimization of space to fit their needs. Even if you haven’t, though, a bigger space can give your crew the opportunity to spread their wings.

However, keeping customers coming into your business can be hard during a move, especially on the communications front. How can you let everyone know what’s going on and keep things running smoothly? Central Telephone Sales and Service, a Plymouth provider of wiring solutions and business phone installation, has the answers below.

Get the Message Out on as Many Mediums as You Can

Take it from a provider of cloud-based installation services and network wiring solutions: distributing the message that you’re moving in as many forms as you can is the best way to both earn customer patience and to keep those customers coming, despite any chaos that comes with the move.

Update, Update, Update

Make a list of all the ways your company communicates with your customers—even passive forms, like your website. Each one of these forms should let potential clients know that your business will be going through a move and thank them for their patience. It should also let them know where to find you on specific dates and inform them of any atypical closures.

This information should be posted as soon as you secure a moving date, as this gives the message the time it needs to reach as many people as it can.

Ask Your Business Phone Installation Company for Help

As soon as you’ve settled into your new facilities, you’ll probably want to get your phones up and running ASAP. Therefore, a reputable business phone installation company is essential! At Central Telephone, we’d be happy to help your company through its big move in any way we can. After all, we’re communication experts

Choose Moving Day Wisely

Don’t try to get everything done when it comes to moving over the workweek. You’ll be busy enough running around as it is! Try to pick a calm weekend during a month where there are no holidays or other events to deal with. Your stress levels will be considerably lower.

Take Care of Your Employees

Moving isn’t just stressful for business owners and customers; employees too can feel the strain as they try to keep up with the day-to-day tasks in addition to preparing their to-do lists for a seamless transition into the new space. Yes, this article is about taking care of customers—but without your employees on their A games, you’re missing a huge part of the equation!

One task that’s bound to be more difficult than usual for your workers: communication. This is especially true if you’re moving multiple offices or have asynchronous schedules.

Luckily, if you have a business communication platform like NEC Univerge Blue, you can easily keep everyone on the same page, so now’s the perfect time to tap into its features and see if they can help. For instance, NEC Univerge Blue “allows mobile phones to become part of the CONNECT phone system,” enabling flexible communication and transfer of info. The more tools your workers can use to stay connected, the more likely your move is to go off without a hitch.

Make a Plan to Get Your Communication System Back Up and Running

Of course, you won’t dive into a move without a solid idea of how you’d go about things, no matter what type of communication system you use. Youc customers need to get ahold of you, after all! But the exactitudes of this plan will vary depending on your system’s scalability, so you’ll need to take that into account far before moving day to make a game plan that works for you.

Scalability, as we cover in our communications blog, is the ability—or lack thereof—of a given system to grow or shrink depending on your business’s needs. If a system is relatively scalable and you’re moving to a bigger space, you won’t have many problems, but you might have a bit more wrangling to do if your system struggles in this department. Regardless, a call to your provider of telephone services is in order. They'll be able to help hone in on the details so that you get up and running again in a flash.

Communication Questions? Central Telephone Sales and Service Is Here to Help

Our Twin Cities location would be thrilled to lend a hand with your phone system during your move. Give us a call today at 763-550-2000.