A small business staffed by diverse age groups definitely sets itself above its peers. With the zest and enthusiasm of the youth combined with the steadiness and experience of their elders, work can get done faster and better, and multiple generations working together can come up with unique ideas neither could on their own. At the end of the day, diversity is good for business.


That said, when working with such different age groups, you’re bound to run into some communication difficulties, especially when it comes to your cloud-based phone system. Central Telephone, a business phone installation firm, discusses these difficulties below, as well as what you can do to solve them.

Communication: It’s a Generational Thing

Younger generations grew up with texting at their fingertips. In contrast, older generations had to go through a lot more to talk with their friends, often needing to wait their turn on the landline. Because separate age groups are used to using vastly different communication technologies, such as types small business phone systems, their expectations and etiquette when it comes to your firm’s phone systems can differ, which causes logistical chaos.


As a small business owner, you can help mediate this chaos by:


●        Posting official phone rules | Keeping everyone, regardless of age, on the same page when it comes to using your small business’s phone ensures that your business can operate efficiently. Post some basic guidelines for answering phone calls in an easily accessible location in the main office, and go over them with new employees.

●        Making sure everyone knows how to use your phones | This goes without saying! For example, if you’ve recently invested in cloud-based installation services, go over how your new phones will work with each and every one of your employees. Never assume that, due to age or any other factor, your workers will inherently know what to do.

●        Fostering communication between generations | No one method of using the phone is inherently better than the other. However, in the context of your particular small business, one approach might facilitate communication better than another. Encourage all of your employees, regardless of age, to share their techniques for navigating phone calls, and don’t be afraid to adjust official protocol if a better method than your current one comes up.


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