Low-voltage wiring? Does that mean low power? Well, yes and no. In eletrician’s terms, low-voltage wiring carries less than 50 volts of power from one end of the wire to the other. It’s often used for small residential appliances, such as doorbells, thermostats, and the like. That being said, don’t underestimate the power of low-voltage wiring solutions when it comes to your small business and its communication systems! Low-voltage wiring has countless practical applications in this context, and it’s indispensable to companies, such as Central Telephone, that work in business phone installation.


Intrigued as to why? We explain the many uses of low-voltage wiring in the context of communication below.

Versatility: Low-Voltage Wiring in a Nutshell

Low-voltage wiring truly is a wondrous thing; through metal encased in an insulating tube, it facilitates business communication and brings countless dollars into the global economy. Our businesses wouldn’t be where they are today without it. Practically, many network wiring services and cloud based installation firms use low-voltage wiring to:


●        Expand a business’s audio and video capabilities. Low-voltage wiring allows the creation of a complicated, multifaceted streaming structure within an individual building. It can route simultaneous live-streams in high-definition to multiple televisions and monitors. In fact, the talented technician can use low-voltage wiring to accommodate almost any media configuration.

●        Create an interconnected phone network. Low-voltage wiring can be arranged to connect all phones within a facility, or to connect entire systems from multiple business locations. If your budget or business’s infrastructure just doesn’t yet support entirely cloud-based communication systems, you’ll be using low-voltage wiring for your phones.

●        Run Wi-Fi networks. Can you imagine a business without an internet connection? We sure can’t! Wi-Fi networks can be made possible through low-voltage wiring. If you use cloud-based phone systems, they’ll still make use of low-voltage wiring, as they run off your Wi-Fi!

●        Create security systems. Have business assets you want to protect? A security camera system is the solution, and low-voltage wiring is the perfect thing to facilitate it. Alarms, motion detectors, and video cameras all can run off of this type of wiring.

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