We get it: money is tight these days. With the rising cost of living, Americans everywhere are tightening their belts and saving where they can. Small businesses with small profit margins, too, are especially subject, and some learn to go without a substantial workforce in slow economic cycles.

One thing that these businesses cannot go without, however, is their small business phone system. Without proper communication technology, the firm would become an island unto itself, unable to do business—thus, unable to make a profit. However, upkeep costs of any kind of wiring solution or business phone installation can get expensive, especially if that system needs unexpected repairs.

That’s why Central Telephone Sales & Service, a Minneapolis cloud-based installation company, explains a few simple tricks below that you can use to keep your phone system running strong.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

When it comes to such a crucial piece of technology as your phone, you simply cannot afford an outage. The financial strain of losing a day of work can tank a business’s profits.

Luckily, keeping your phones in good working order and saving money while doing it doesn’t have to be hard:

Cut Down on Local Interference

Cordless phones, such as some of the models we install, operate on the same frequency as your Wi-Fi network. This means, however, that Bluetooth devices, which also share a similar frequency, can pose problems to both of these! Keep Bluetooth technology confined to a single area in your building to reduce interference that could cause your entire phone system to malfunction.

Consider UC (Unified Communication) Systems

This network wiring solution cuts down on repair and maintenance costs for all kinds of technologies. Essentially, UCs do what the name implies: they merge VoIP phone systems with other communication tech. This means that since everything including Wi-Fi is connected, maintenance can be done remotely, and generally for cheaper.

Invest in a Backup Generator

The unexpected storm can mean your phone system is left without power—or, worse, that your phones’ memories are completely wiped. Of course, memory loss can be expensive, if not impossible, to repair; have a backup generator locked and loaded to save on costly maintenance calls.

Simplify Where you Can

When reducing repair costs, the name of the game is to simplify. When you have only one system to take care of, not only does the cost of maintaining that system decrease, but if you do need repairs, they’re bound to be more affordable. After all, it’s generally cheaper to fix one thing as opposed to many.

One communication tech that’s great at this: Cloud-based phone systems. Via one business communication platform they can handle everything from emails to phone calls to video chats. Fixing them if something were to go awry is also often quick—and time is money. Because they’re accessible digitally, many repairs can be made remotely, saving you the expense of calling out a repairman. In some senses, a business communication platform is the future for small businesses looking to save.

Consider an Upgrade

Technology is advancing faster than ever these days, and while it might seem a bit counterintuitive to spend money to save money, some older phones just can’t cut it anymore. Much as an older car is more liable to show its age and need frequent repairs—no matter how you care for it—so do some older phone systems. If you’ve historically been dealing with excessive repairs, it’s a smart idea to accept the financial losses and upgrade. You’ll stop the constant money sink that is maintaining an ancient phone system, alongside reaping all the other benefits of modern communication tech that we cover in our blog.

Look Into DAS

Distributed Antenna systems amplify pre-existing cellular signals to increase coverage over a given area. They’re useful in a variety of contexts, as we detail in our blog; in terms of saving money, they can be powerhouses. If you’re constantly having to get a hold of maintenance services because your corporate phones can’t complete calls, you’d be smart to look into fixing what could potentially be the problem entirely. You can learn more about this convenient technology on our blog!

Need Phone System Repairs? Central Telephone Sales & Service Can Help

Of course, accidents happen, and sometimes the best laid plans can go awry. If you find yourself in need of phone or wiring system repair, give the experts at Central Telephone Sales & Service a call today. To find out more about our products or schedule service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, contact us at 763-550-2000. You can also send a message to info@centraltelephone.com.